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King T's Bar-B-Que Sauce The Royalty of Sauces


Welcome to King T's Bar-B- Que Sauce The Royalty of Sauces!

King T's Bar-B- Que Sauce is more than your average barbecue sauce it is an universal gourmet sauce great for veggies, seafood and meats.

Whether you’re cooking inside or grilling outdoors, King T's Bar-B-Que Sauce will compliment the natural flavors of your food creating an appealing savor your taste buds would come to crave and love.

Try our sauce with bacon, eggs, breakfast burritos, base sauce for meatloaf, bake beans, chili and used as dipping sauce for quesadilla, chicken tenders, french fries, onion rings, mozzarella sticks, egg rolls, taquito, potato chips and the list goes on.

Especially for you pure heart barbecue sauce lovers just open a bottle of King T's Bar-B-Que use a spoon if you may and enjoy!

Yep it's that good and delicious!!!